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In addition to targeting strategically based on past district performance, candidate quality, fundraising gaps, and the state of the races on the ground, WIN PAC prioritizes candidates who are women, people of color, immigrants, youth, and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

State legislatures are overwhelmingly white, male, and older. That often leads those chambers to disproportionately overlook the issues facing women, people of color, and youth at the state level. Americans from these historically marginalized communities have been disproportionately harmed by policies driven by Republican state legislators, both during and long before the Trump administration.

Mobilizing marginalized communities, particularly Black, Latinx, and youth, is absolutely essential to winning up and down in the ballot in key 2020 states. The desire for descriptive representation (having elected representatives who look like you or share other characteristics with you) is a powerful motivator for voters who often overlooked by traditional Democratic campaigns.

Electing representatives from historically marginalized communities isn’t just one step toward repairing historic harm and working toward justice -- it is a strategic imperative.

WIN PAC understands that the future of the Democratic Party and the progressive movement belongs to people of color. We will lift up and amplify the voices of current and future leaders of color whenever possible.

Candidate Criteria

To be considered for WIN PAC support, candidates must:

Be running for state legislature in a chamber where Democrats have a reasonable chance of gaining a majority in a favorable political environment. (As of August 2020, WIN PAC’s target chambers for 2020 are AZ House, AZ House, MI House, NC House, NC Senate, PA House, PA Senate, TX House.)

Be running in an area of the country where additional voters mobilized translates to additional voters for the top of the ticket candidates at the Presidential, U.S. Senate, Governor, and/or U.S. House level.

Be running in a district that has has a reasonable chance of electing a Democrat. To make this determination, WIN PAC will analyze district results from recent election cycles; confer with partner organizations, nonpartisan analysts, and in-state validators; and assess the degree to which the candidate can activate and mobilize communities in their district often overlooked by traditional Democratic candidates.

Pledge to caucus with the Democrats in the 2021 legislative session.

Support a fair, transparent redistricting process and oppose partisan gerrymandering.

Wherever possible, support and collaborate with other Democratic candidates on the ticket.