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About Us

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Where It’s Needed (WIN PAC) connects grassroots donors to state and local campaigns and community-based organizations in swing states to make the maximum impact on the 2020 elections.

We're strong believers in the "reverse coattails effect": By funding strong down-ballot campaigns led by candidates who know their communities best, we can mobilize additional voters for the Senate and Presidential campaigns at the top of the ticket.

WIN PAC has identified key state legislative campaigns and voter mobilization organizations where donors can change the game this election year. It was started by Democratic strategist Doug Foote in 2020.

Our work supports:

• Candidates running in competitive state legislative districts. Supporting state legislative candidates in swing states won’t just help flip statehouses and end gerrymandering -- it will also add votes to the statewide total to help defeat Trump and flip the Senate.

• Voter mobilization organizations in 2020 swing states. We support effective, culturally-competent organizations to mobilize voters in marginalized communities too frequently overlooked by Democratic campaigns.


We know that when the GOP has control of state legislatures, our communities suffer. There are currently 61 state legislative chambers under GOP control. In states where Republicans control all the levers of power, they have passed laws to bust unions, give tax cuts to corporations, impose voting restrictions, and pass anti-choice laws.

WIN PAC can change that. Because state legislative races are often won and lost by a handful of votes, investing in them can mean big electoral victories. And despite record-breaking fundraising by Democratic presidential candidates, Republicans continue to outraise Democrats 2-to-1 in state legislative races.

Here's how we'll flip that. WIN PAC is targeting 40 state races in Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Each of these states' chambers can be flipped Democratic by winning less than 10 seats. We know that investing in state legislatures can mean big wins -- Virginia's Democratic majority passed laws protecting LGBTQ+ people from discrimination, making voting more accessible, putting limits on the cost of life-saving insulin, and more. With support from donors like you, WIN PAC can fund the smaller races that will help us elect leaders who can implement real change. In addition, WIN PAC will help fund voter mobilization organization like Leaders Igniting Transformation (LIT) and Voces de la Frontera in Wisconsin, Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA), and New Florida Majority -- all of which operate year-round in communities too-often overlooked by traditional Democratic campaigns.


WIN PAC acts as a reliable, transparent source of information for grassroots donors to use their dollars effectively. We use email and social media to direct donors to vetted partner organizations and state legislative campaigns.

We direct grassroots funds where they are needed both through tandem ActBlue forms and direct PAC donations. As of August 2020, we have already raised $40,000 for candidates and causes.

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